Survive Your Flight – Tips for Making Flying More Enjoyable

Survive your flight

The best part about flying is that you can literally be anywhere you want in the world in a matter of hours. It might be more hours or less hours, but it’s always just hours. One of the worst parts about flying is that it can be stressful, a lot of waiting and really an unorganized mess if you don’t prepare before. There are few things worse than boarding your flight and realizing you don’t have headphones (there’s probably a crying baby right next to you because of course). Need some tips to helpĀ survive your flight? I’ve got you covered.

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Survive Your Flight

one// Put everything you need in a bag that is NOT your carry on!

Carry on’s typically end up either checked plane side or in the bins above your head on the flight. It’s really inconvenient and uncomfortable for everyone if you’re constantly in and out of your seat and in and out of your carry on bag. On most airlines you’re allowed one personal item and one carry on. Use your personal item to carry what you’ll need to access during the flight.

Basic items for your personal bag: cell phone, phone charger, kindle/tablet, headphones, snacks, lip balm, medications, hand masks, hand sanitizer, wallet including a few bucks in cash, any documents you might need including ID and passport and any fun stuff you want to work on (see number five below).

Survive your flight

two// Preload your kindle, tablet or phone with books and music you might want during the flight.

Honestly, I never know what kind of mood I’m going to be in once I’m on a plane. Sometimes I’m excited, something I’m exhausted. Sometimes getting on the plane was stressful and I’m anxious. Try to be prepared for all situations. Create a playlist or two, add two or three books to your kindle or tablet so that you’re prepared for any mood. I’ve also been really into podcasts lately. These are great for passing time during a flight. You don’t want to board a five hour long flight and then realize you hate the book you downloaded or just not in the mood to read that one.

pro tip: Get a library card and download book rentals to your kindle or tablet for free! Great for traveling and your budget.

three// Always pack medications where you can easily access them.

You could be halfway through a flight and get a pounding headache. Maybe you start to have cramps! Or maybe you’re just waiting on the tarmac for hours and you need to take your daily medications. Keeping them accessible keeps the stress down.

four// Bring something relaxing for the flight.

Survive your flight

I love buying the hand masks from Sephora. Basically, they’re gloves with moisturizer built in and you leave them on your hands for about 20 minutes. It’s great for a flight because I always feel like my skin dries out when I fly. I try to pack one for the way there and one for the way home. Put on a hand mask, get some soft tunes going and take a deep breath. You can also pack a coloring book and some colored pencils for some mindless entertainment while you’re listening to music. Another thing I like to do is practice my calligraphy with brush pens. I can just bring one brush pen and some practice paper. It’s not a lot of extra stuff to carry but it turns my downtown into productivity.

five// Pack a snack.

Seriously, pack a snack. Pack two snacks! Flights, gems that they are, can be unpredictable. You might think you’ll have time to eat during your connection but then your first plane is delayed and you have to run to your connection. Don’t get stuck on a five hour flight hangry and have to pay for whatever is on the plane at the time.

Survive your flight

I can’t guarantee that your flight won’t get delayed, I can’t make sure the person next to you doesn’t smell, but I can give you tips to have the best flight possible. Pack a personal bag, bring something fun and you enjoy, and relax as you make your way to your next destination.

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