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jacqui travels bed 2

Did you guys know that I have moved every year at least once for the last six years? Ever since heading off to college, I’ve moved a ton. Most of my college moves were little. I packed everything in trash bags since I didn’t own furniture and would pack it into my car at the time (I miss my orange VW Bug). But, this time was different. I actually own furniture. I had my own apartment for the last year which forced me to buy real, adult furniture. So this move was a little different. I even rented a Budget truck to move everything. Finally, after six weeks, I feel like I have my room together and I thought I would do a quick Jacqui Travels room tour.

This space is quite different from my old apartment. I used to live in a studio apartment with concrete floors. All of the walls were white, except for one accent wall. Since the space wasn’t separated, I never really had a desk/working area. I just used my countertop in the kitchen. This space is much more traditional in terms of apartments. It has carpet and the bedroom has a door! I have a sliding door to the porch in my room which is really nice. I’ve been putting the finishing touches on my room and now I feel ready to share it with you lovely readers.

jacqui travels room tour

desk  // chair

There’s a story behind this desk. I fell in love with the desk The College Prepster has in her NYC apartment. The problem? It was from West Elm (I think?) and it was over $300. This one looks almost exactly the same but was under $75! It’s not a desk that will last you for the next 20 years (maybe West Elm’s is) but it’s really perfect for my apartment right now.

Jacqui Travels Desk

planner // desk calendar // book

jacqui travels prints

left print // right print

jacqui travels board



jacqui travels bed

duvet // sheets

jacqui travels bed 2

map // lamp (similar) 


postcards 2

jacqui travels dresser

adventure awaits

jacqui travels dresser

jacqui travels room

So there’s my room guys! It’s my little home, my escape from the craziness and it’s currently my home base for all of my travels (read about my travel philosophy and why I’m not a “digital nomad”).

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