Popping Around Portland 


Have you ever just stepped into a new place and immediately you felt at home? That’s how I felt when I got to Seattle and it’s how I felt when I spent a long weekend in Portland. What can I say? The Pacific Northwest was calling, and I had to go!

The more I walked around Portland, the more in love with it I felt. The best part about this trip was how laid back it was. No agenda, nothing to do but wander the streets and really see the city. From the pictures, you might think that all I did was eat in Portland… You might be right.


one// portland market and night market


two// afuri ramen 

three// Blue Star Donuts

four// hidden rose tattoo

five// riminskis cafe


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    1. I hope they enjoy it!! I’ve actually really loved venturing into personal finance and becoming more financially literate and independent. Makes it so I can travel and not stress about how.

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