Jacqui Travels Room Tour

jacqui travels bed 2

Did you guys know that I have moved every year at least once for the last six years? Ever since heading off to college, I’ve moved a ton. Most of my college moves were little. I packed everything in trash bags since I didn’t own furniture and would pack it into my car at the time (I miss my orange VW Bug). But, this time was different. I actually own furniture. I had my own apartment for the last year which forced me to buy real, adult furniture. So this move was a little different. I even rented a Budget truck to move everything. Finally, after six weeks, I feel like I have my room together and I thought I would do a quick Jacqui Travels room tour.

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Inexpensive Maps – My Top Five Maps to Decorate With

inexpensive maps

When I returned from studying abroad in Italy, I looked around my room and felt like something was different. Everything looked the same as when I left, yet something just felt off. After a few days I realized that what had changed wasn’t my room but rather myself. I just had these wonderful four months in Europe, exploring this beautiful continent but you couldn’t tell that by looking at my room. My room is an extension of myself and I wanted to you know how much I loved the world just by looking at it. This began my quest to find the perfect maps for decorating my spaces and pay tribute to my time abroad. I have moved every year since studying abroad but my maps always¬†followed suit. Here are my top five favorite inexpensive maps that I have up to showcase my love of travel.

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