Comprehensive Guide to Personal Finance for Millennials: Part 2

credit for millennials

Remember the other week when I made this Comprehensive Guide to Personal Finance for Millennials? If you haven’t read that yet, start there and come back. We went over budgets, having an emergency fund, saving for retirement and paying down debt. There is something we didn’t talk about though. This week, I’m back with part two and we’re talking all about credit for millennials.

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Comprehensive Personal Finance Guide for Millennials

personal finance guide

One of the biggest complaints I hear from my friends (and maybe I’ve had this thought before) is that we didn’t learn anything about personal finance in school. I can still recite the quadratic formula but when I graduated college I wasn’t quite sure what a 401k was. Shout out to my 8th grade math teacher, though, that quadratic formula really stuck with me. We get a lot of ridicule about this and though some of it is warranted, the world of personal finance is confusing. Should I be paying down debt? Do I need a savings? What about my student loans? Is your head spinning? Cause mine was! Luckily for you guys, I dug straight into personal finance when I graduated and I’m here with a comprehensive personal finance guide for millenials. Trust me, you need this.

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I Paid $14,000 on Student Loans in One Year

student loans

I was just like a number of people my age when I graduated college. I had a decent amount of student loans. One of my first goals when graduating was to pay off student loans as fast as possible. Though I have not paid off my loans entirely, I did pay off $14,000 my first year out of school. If you have a little bit of courage and a lot of discipline, you too can make a significant dent in your student loans in just one year!

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