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sundays beach club

If you’ve ever been thrown out of your comfort zone in another country, you know it’s not always an easy experience. When in Bali, we stayed in Ubud but knew we had to make it to the beach at least one day of our trip. The problem? The coast can be over an hour away from our hotel and there was no way we were going to drive that. Luckily, hiring a driver for the day in Bali is not only super easy but very inexpensive in comparison to the US. We hired a driver the morning of for a total of ten hours at only $40.00 for the whole day. Now that we had the driver, where did we end up? The Sundays Beach Club in Uluwatu for an easy beach day in Bali.

Sundays Beach Club

easy bali beach day

When you want to relax, you do not want to spend a lot of time thinking or stressing about logistics. Especially in a foreign country. That’s why when we decided to have an easy beach day in Bali, we picked the Sundays Beach Club. It’s situated on the coast of Bali as a part of the Ugasan Resort. When you arrive, you pay a small entrance fee that includes a food or drink credit, rental of a towel and a gondola ride down to the beach. You also can use the resort’s infinity pool but it was closed for a private event during our time. Sunday’s Beach Club was beautiful and stress free.

We visited Uluwatu Temple before heading to the beach so naturally we were starving. We grabbed a towel and headed straight for the beachside restaurant where we ordered sangria and a variety of other food. I read marginal reviews about the service but our waiter was prompt and our food came out quickly. Once we finished eating, we stepped out onto the beach and grabbed bean bag chairs to relax on.

sundays beach club

The beach was secluded with high cliffs on either side of you. It was breathtaking. The BFF and I situated our things and then went straight to put our feet in the Indian Ocean for the first time. The water was crisp and inviting but not very crowded. We spent the day in and out of the water, soaking up the sun and cheersing our sangria to our first trip to Asia. Near sunset, the club even had a fire pit going. When it was time to head back to Ubud, the kind staff called our driver so that he would be waiting at the top when we made it off the gondola ride up.

easy bali beach


Was this the most authentic Balinese beach experience we could have had? Probably not. Most of the guests were tourists. Could we have found a free beach to go to? Probably! But I don’t for a second regret spending the money for a slow, easy beach day in Bali. My heart was so full on our ride back to Ubud.

Want to know more about my time in Bali? One of my favorite activities was the Lobong cooking class.


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