About Me

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Greenville, SC based travel and lifestyle blogger

I was 18 years old before I ever left the United States for the first time. I had just graduated high school and I went on a cruise to the Bahamas with my best friend and her family. It wasn’t intimidating, it was exhilarating. That’s when I realized I had the travel bug and it wasn’t likely to leave. After visiting another 11+ countries in college, I accepted a full time office position in my field of study but pledged to keep my wanderlust alive.

What I didn’t know after college was all of the curveballs life was going to throw me. In 2016, my brother passed away. Jacqui Travels is a direct result of his passing. It was created as a space for me to put positive energy into, to grow, to inspire and ultimately, to heal. It’s a place that I can explore all of the good left in the world. Travel can’t fix you, but it can challenge you, it can change you and it can help mend you.

Jacqui Travels isn’t just about my journey across the world but rather my journey through life, including the messy parts that no one likes to talk about like grief, depression and anxiety. I hope you read my story and become inspired. I hope you read my story and find hope. But when you’re ready, I hope you read my story and join Jacqui Travels out in the world.