72 Hours in Seattle

I made a goal at the beginning of the year to make it to Seattle this year. I have always wanted to go and this year I felt drawn to it. Well, I used five of my vacation days in May to go to Hawaii with my BFF and then a considerable amount more during the rest of the summer to attend to some family matters. I really had accepted that it wasn’t going to happen this year. I just kept repeating “it’s not a 2016 goal”. But, when I realized I had TWO vacations days left and a BFF who wanted to visit Seattle just as much as I did, we booked a planet ticket. We left on a Thursday after work, had 3 full days and flew back on a Monday. What a perfect 72 hours in Seattle.

I spent the last few weeks before my trip poking fun at Seattle. I told my friends the way I was packing was becoming the most hipster version of myself I could create. If anyone asked me where I was from I would say, “where are any of us from, really?”. I had so much fun giving Seattle a little ish about how hipster it was going to be. It turns out though, I didn’t find it any more hipster than some other places. I did find Seattle cool, though. There were so many different types of people. It really felt like you could just be whoever you wanted walking around Seattle and not only did people not care, they actually liked you better.

We arrived really late in Seattle. Like, in bed at 2:30am Pacific time (aka 5:30am East Coast time) late. We stayed at the Green Tortoise Hostel which is affiliated with the same one in San Fran that we stayed in last year. This time, we stayed in an 8 bed dorm that wasn’t much bigger than my college freshman dorm. The rooms were fine, the bathrooms were always clean. But the rooms were super small. Like, the smallest room with that amount of people I’ve stayed in. It saved us so much money though so no complaints and I would recommend checking it out. The best part of the hostel was the location. It’s just steps from Pike Market which made it really easy for us to go to the market tons of times.

The First 24 Hours

pike place

We started the day at Pike Market, walking around, contemplating buying the beautiful flowers and just taking in the sights. When we started to get hungry, there was no shortage of breakfast places to try out. We tried out Biscuit Bitch. There was a wait and it was good but I would have ordered differently. My food was way too spicy.

The market is amazing. It reminds me of Italy, with all of the vendors. My heart was so happy walking around.

pike place




Since it was relatively clear, we decided to head to the Space Needle to check out the views. We went on a Friday so it wasn’t very busy. It costs $22 to get to the top. You do get two photo ops that they email to you (it’s not extra!) so that was a good bonus. It was still hazy when we went up but it was a fun view to get the layout of the city.

space needle

view from space needle

After the Space Needle we went back to the market and ate some famous clam chowder. Oh man, it was so tasty. We walked around a bit more but had to head back to the hostel for a nap.

When we woke up, we called an Uber and spent a little over an hour watching the sunset from Kerry Park. It overlooks the city and is probably one of the prettiest places in the area. It’s a small park and it will be crowded but you should absolutely go. There’s a few food places in walking distance. We ate at this place that had pizza that reminded me of Italy. SO GOOD.

kerry park

breakfast// biscuit bitch

biscuit bitch

lunch// pikes clam chowder

pike place chowder

dinner// the masonry

the masonry


The Second 24 Hours

I started following an Instagram account for the best food in Seattle which is how we ended up at The Skillet in Capitol Hill for breakfast. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint. Our waiter was so interesting to talk to. He had great recommendations and really was so awesome. I drank coffee, BFF Ash drank tea. We both ordered a plate and at the direction of some people from across the room, we also ordered the homemade cinnamon roll. Which came out to be the size of our head.

We went to the Skillet in Capitol Hill so we ended up just sort of walking around the area for a while. There are some cool stores to look at and you end up at the University of Seattle campus. We walked around here for a bit, just sort of enjoying our morning and being in the city.

It wasn’t a bad walk down to the waterfront from Capitol Hill where we caught the ferry to Bainbridge Island. It was around $8 and you get stunning views of the city. When we got to Bainbridge, we meandered around the shops and restaurants before heading back to Seattle.

ferry to bainbridge

ferry to bainbridge



bainbridge island

We ended up back at the market for lunch (omg there’s so many choices) before heading back for a bit of a nap. My dreams came true when we went in search of ramen in Seattle for dinner. We Ubered to Yoroshuku. It was dinner on a Saturday night so all the seats were full but it didn’t take more than 15 minutes to get seated. I can’t even explain to you how much I loved this ramen. Don’t skip trying fancy ramen!

breakfast// the skillet

the skillet

lunch// beecher’s (I ate a sandwich which was top 8 sandwiches of my life.)


dinner// Yoroshuku


The Last 24 Hours

The last 24 hours in a place are always sort of this in-between space. You’re kind of tired from rallying the last few days, sad to leave a place you just fell in love with and just a little excited to sleep in your own bed again. We didn’t want to rush today, we just wanted to let it happen. We had breakfast at Lowell’s in…. you guessed it, Pike Place! There are seats that look out to the waterfront. A really relaxing place to start your day.

Our first thought was to head to the Chihuly Garden and Glass museum but it turns out it didn’t open till 11am. So, instead we walked back along the waterfront and ended up on the Seattle Great Wheel. It was $13 and you got sweeping views of the city, the water and the mountains. I put my phone away for the whole ride just to take in the moment.


The Chihuly Garden and Glass was next. The museum was $22 to enter and SO WORTH IT. I can’t even explain to you how amazing it was to see in person and how inspiring it was. If you’re in Seattle and have the time, make a trip here! It’s right next to the Space Needle so you can cross them off your list on the same day if you want!

Ash and I had a few things we needed to get done and it took us back to another area of Capitol Hill. There are tons of coffee shops, places to eat and bookstores. Unfortunately, we wanted to eat at a weird time. Many of the restaurants were only serving a limited menu until dinner began at five (what a shame because some of the places we walked into look beautiful). We ended up at McMenamins Six Arms for burgers. The burgers were good but honestly what I remember was how good the fries were. Practically perfect.

As with any last night in the city, we had to end it with a view of Seattle. We took a trip back to Kerry Park to watch the sunset over the city that had just stolen our hearts. I felt like Seattle really spoke to me. There were tons of interesting people, coffee on every street and a beautiful surrounding area. I wish we had more time. But I almost didn’t get to see it this year so 72 hours in Seattle was just enough for me.



breakfast// Lowell’s


lunch//  Six Ams


icecream// Molly Moon’s

molly moon's

Much love Seattle, can’t wait to see you again for my next 72 hours in Seattle.

72 hours in seattle


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