4 Things I Said I’d Never Do (and When I Did Them)

4 things i said I'd never do

You know those moments where you swear to yourself that you’re never going to do that thing? You know, that thing you would never do. Yeah, I know those moments, too. And more often than not, I end up doing them. Here are 4 things I said I’d never do and when I ended up doing them.

4 Things I Said I’d Never Do

one// “i’m never going to live alone”

Oh man, when I graduated college I said I would never live alone. I was terrified of it, to be honest. If there is any noise in the house, anything that looks slightly out-of-place… I’m running for the hills, convinced that someone is about to murder me. But life throws curve balls and last year I moved out of the house I shared with two other roommates and into an apartment that was entirely my own. The apartment was beautiful, too. Newly renovated with concrete floors and a rooftop pool.

There was an adjustment period, certainly. I didn’t like that I didn’t have a roommate to watch Netflix with. I couldn’t cook a meal and count on someone to help eat the leftovers. There wasn’t anyone to sit on the porch with. But it forced me to meet so many new people. I made so many friends by living on my own and I never would have met them if I had stayed in the house with my other friends. It pushed me out of my comfort zone and really changed the course of the past year of my life.

4 Things I Said I'd Never Do

two// “i’m never going to get a tattoo”

Famous last words, am I right? I am terrified of needles and pain. I can’t take it when I get an IV or shots at the doctor. I literally have to look away. When I got my wisdom teeth out, they gave me laughing gas to calm me down before putting me to sleep (with a shot). Heck no was I ever going to let someone just stab me with a needle repeatedly.

I never thought I would like something enough to get it tattooed on my body. I had years of different thoughts of things that I would get a tattoo of, only to change my mind weeks or a month later.

4 things I said I'd Never Do

Guess what! I didn’t wait weeks or months for getting this tattoo. I was in Seattle, my friend had a tattoo place in mind and I just did it. I let the fear roll off of me and now I have a tattoo that I’m in love with. Who would have thought?

three// “i’m never going to dye my hair permanently”

Sure, I’ve put some streaks of blue or pink in my hair but I was never going to dye it a different color for real. My hair is naturally strawberry blonde. It’s such a hard color to go back to. If I hated my new color, what would I do? Plus, the strawberry blonde was just part of my personality, a little bit of my identity. I always toyed with the idea of dying it and always deciding that I wouldn’t do it.

Until I got back from Seattle and said “well, I already have a tattoo and that’s more permanent that hair color”. So I found a stylist and dyed my hair! It still has a red tint to it but it’s much darker. It’s the perfect color for fall.

4 Things I Said I'd Never Do

And guess what? Nothing bad happened when I dyed my hair, no part of me went missing. If anything, I’m more empowered than I was before and I never think “what if I tried out this color” or “what would this look like on me” because now I’ve tried it!

four// “i’m never going to commute to work”

Do you guys know what I hate more than anything? Driving. Oh my god, I think it’s just a waste of time. I hate traffic and parking makes me super anxious. When I first moved to the town I was living in, I literally lived a five-minute drive from my job. When I had to move into my own place, I thought about venturing towards Greenville but decided that I hated driving too much to commute. I said “I’m never going to commute to my job”.

Oh Lord, and what did I do this year? I moved out of my own apartment in Spartanburg and moved to Greenville. It’s a 34 mile commute each way (almost 70 miles a day). Does traffic suck? Yeah, it does. Would I rather be doing something other than driving? Of course. But living in Greenville has been so worth the drive to and from work every day. If I hadn’t had such a good year living on my own, I would be wondering why I didn’t make the move sooner!


Whether or not you’re saying you’ll never do something because it’s scary or inconvenient or maybe it’s just not you, never say never. Life IS weird and it will take you so many different places if you stop saying never and start saying yes (or at least saying maybe).

What have you done that you said you’d NEVER do? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Oh My Gosh! I totally said the same thing about living alone. I thought I would never, ever live alone. Living alone was for lonely people who were unlikable and that just wasn’t me. Besides, I’m a people person, love conversation and love to share life with others. Now, what do you know? I’m living all alone, have been for over 8 years now and LOVE IT! I’m now certain that I will never marry again or have a room mate because I love my down time. I love my ME time and I love eating cereal for dinner if I want and not having to discuss it with someone else or worry about what someone else wants to eat. I love watching what I want to watch on TV and not switch the channels back and forth. Some people say, mainly my mother, that I’m getting to set in my ways and will never be able to live with others and I say, “that is totally ok with me”. heeheehee. I love you sweet girl and you are NOT alone. I love your short stories and enjoy your readings each and every time. You totally ROCK!

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