Snapshots from Sydney

Sydney Harbor

I know it has been a few months since I got back from Australia. I needed a some time to sit with the trip. As much as I loved Sydney and hanging out with my best friends in Australia, it was not without it’s stressful moments.

It’s worth pointing out that stressful moments are a side effect of international travel. Unfortunately, my iPhone was a casualty from my trip to Sydney but I will save that story for another post. For now, enjoy my snapshots from Sydney.

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Review of Away Luggage (Not Sponsored)

away luggage review

In January of last year I decided I wanted to upgrade my luggage a bit. Before this, I honestly didn’t have any “real luggage”. I used my Osprey backpack to get through most of my trips. It was ideal to have it strapped to my back when traveling between cities and bopping between hostels. I felt it was time to upgrade to some “big girl” luggage and buckled down to do some research. I was really intrigued by the Away luggage. It was sleek and simple but somewhat expensive. I wanted to make sure what I was getting was worth it. The problem I kept finding was that I could not find a review that wasn’t sponsored. I don’t have an issue with sponsored reviews but I just wanted to read one review where the luggage wasn’t gifted. So folks, here you are – a full review of Away Luggage that is not sponsored.

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Playing Catch Up & Being Present

Being present

I have been taking a break from the internet since I moved to Austin. I felt like Facebook and Instagram weren’t really playing a positive role in my life so I wanted to see what it was like without it. Facebook was launched in 2004 and my profile was created in 2007. That means 12 years of my life is documented on this website. Does that seem hard to comprehend to anyone else?

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What I Wish I Knew Before Hiking Lion’s Head

Can you believe it’s almost October and I went to South Africa in April? It almost seems like yesterday I started my morning trek up Lion’s Head; eager to see the sun rise over all of Cape Town. My friend and I are pretty adventurous so when a lot of people (locals and the internet alike) recommended we should hike up Lion’s Head for the sunrise, we totally did it. We asked a lot of people if they thought it was safe for sunrise. Everyone was sure we would not get mugged. What nobody told us was that hiking in the US and hiking in South Africa are pretty different experiences. There were times I actually thought we might just plunge to our death, right there in Cape Town. We glanced at different blogs before attempting the hike, trying to figure out what time we should begin to make it before the sun came up. But here’s what I didn’t find.

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Jacqui Travels has relocated!

I’m writing this post 1,100 miles away from Greenville. It’s a little surreal to finally share with you the *big* happenings in my life. Two years ago I’m not sure I would have ever thought I’d be leaving South Carolina any time in the near future. It had only been a few months since Daniel passed away. There are some parts of me that really thought I’d never be able to leave after that. But life is so incredibly weird and it has so many twists and turns… You can never really guess where you’ll end up.

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A lot of Food Photos from South Africa

I told you guys I wasn’t quite ready to talk about everything from South Africa yet… But I thought it would be fun to post about what we ate while we were there. Here’s a post fully dedicated to (most) of the food we ate while in South Africa. Try not to get too hungry reading it.

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A Long Weekend in Florence, Italy

Long Weekend Florence Italy

I need to be honest with you guys about something. I love traveling but the opinions of other people can really drive me crazy sometimes. One of the things that bugs me the most are snide comments about how I can afford to travel (spoiler alert: I’ve got my *ish together). The second is when someone tells me “I would never go there unless I had at least two weeks, it’s just not worth the travel time”. I heard this for Hawaii, I heard this for Bali and I hear it for Europe all of the time. I try not to let it bother me because it’s not their life, it’s mine. My philosophy is simple. There will never be enough time and if you wait for it, you’ll never get there. So off I went for a long weekend in Florence, Italy.

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17 Badass Accomplishments from 2017

bali rice field

I started off 2017 with low expectations. Actually, I can tell you I told myself as long as 2017 was “below average”, I would be fine with it. 2016 was so hard that even below average felt bearable. A year later, I’m happy to report that the year surpassed below average and I have 17 badass accomplishments from 2017 I want to share with you.

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I Left My Heart in Havana (Ohh-na-na)

I think my most unexpected trip of 2017 was Havana. It’s not that Cuba wasn’t on my list of places to go (because everywhere is on my list). But it just didn’t seem feasible, so it was on the list, just not the TOP of the list. I knew I wanted to go to Asia in 2017 (I made it to Bali) but I had no idea I’d end up in Cuba. This trip was actually a family trip and we had two days in Havana via a cruise from Tampa. 

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